We offer a wide selection of track maintenance tools, equipment and consumables.

Measurement Equipment

  • Track Geometry Testing Equipment
  • Rail Geometry Testing Non-Contact Equipment
  • Rail and Welds Testing Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Track Surrounding Position Measuring Equipment
  • Vehicle Ride Comfort Measuring Equipment

Hand Tools

  • Hand wrenches
  • Augers brace
  • Rail slewing & swivelling bars
  • Rail & sleeper tongs
  • Ballast forks/ Ballast ploughs
  • Ballast shovels
  • Picks
  • Adzing howels
  • Hammers
  • Handles
  • Brooms
  • Saws

Accessories & Consumables

  • Sockets for coachscrewing & fishbolt fastening machines
  • Hand augers & reamers
  • Machine augurs & reamers
  • Drill bits
  • Blades
  • Grindstones / Abrasive cutting discs
  • Vibratory blades & tips

Equipment for Track Works

  • Jacks (lifting & tamping)
  • Rail lifting levers
  • Rail pullers
  • Switch launching rollers, rail shoe pullers, rollers
  • Track gauge maintaining tie bars
  • “C” clamps
  • Various equipment for track works
  • Measured shovel packing
  • Equipment for marshalling yards & sidings

Equipment for Personal Safety

  • Warning devices
  • Visual signalling

From new and used rolling stock to custom made vehicles, we are able to supply quality machines and vehicles to support your needs, beginning from the preparation, fabrication to the laying and maintenance of the railway track. TWS can also help you extend the lifetime and ride quality of railway systems by supplying you with the appropriate machines & vehicles for track maintenance.

We have an array of equipment and vehicles to identify, correct and resolve maintenance requirements.

  • Railway trolleys
  • Flat wagons
  • Ballast hopper wagons
  • Ballast regulators
  • Production rail grinders
  • Production switch tampers
  • Multipurpose vehicles
  • Track geometry recording vehicles
  • Road rail vehicles
  • Low bed transporter & catenary vehicles
  • Rail welding & mobile rail welding vehicles
  • Flash butt welding machines
  • Track tamping machines
  • Non destructive testing systems
  • Dynamic track stabilizer